Alternative Cancer Cure Prostate Treatments

The first treatment, if your prostate cancer was caught very early on before it starts to get complicated, will likely be hormonal therapy to shrink the malignancy to oblivion, watch it for a while, and then forget about it entirely. If the hormone treatments do not work ? and they are notorious for failing after the first eighteen to twenty four months ? you will likely have to undergo some form of radiation therapy like brachytherapy or external beam radiation if the disease has started to spread.

The entire time, all kinds of prostatectomy are still on the table ? laparoscopy or radical prostatectomy, or transurethral resection. Somewhere along the line, they might contemplate cryosurgery, or immunotherapy, or some other treatment that you may not have heard of. Below are some alternative cancer cure prostate treatments that many consider when it comes to this condition:

Dietary supplements – It is interesting how much of this reality is around you that you take for granted until you suddenly realize that you need them. If you don’t have prostate cancer already, thank your lucky stars that you are about to learn what you are about to learn. You should start up on a diet that is heavy with vitamins D and E; and I could tell right now that you get an abundance of those in your egg yolks, liver, tuna, and vegetable oils, wheat germ, and a lot of leafy green vegetables. You might want to do yourself a favor and steer clear of dairy specifically, low fat milk and other products with a lot of vitamin A palmitate in then, as well as too much of red meat, and too much of processed foods.

Exercise – I’m a martial arts expert myself, well into all of this karate and breaking and stuff; but I found that the softer forms that allowed for peace and tranquility, and balance, and (yes) oneness with the Universe, were the arts that did the trick. I do some yoga now, and some tai chi too; they help to balance the body and focus the mind, and to manage stress too. What you need essentially is something to keep your mind and body at peace, and even if you have prostate cancer already, you will find that it ceases to grow as long as you keep up the workouts with your treatments.

Culinary herbs – It’s good to be taking them aside from your diet because these are outright medicinal and not only work as preventive prostate cancer interventions, but also as therapeutic intercessions as well. Lycopene, saw palmetto, selemium, and pomegranate juice do wonders for prostate cancer patients who are worried about the side effects of conventional treatments. Lycopene, interestingly you will find in tomatoes, selenium you will find in garlic, chicken, grain and shellfish, and you know how to get the others.

There are a whole lot more alternative solutions to prostate cancer out there, and all you need is to get ready to learn all about these alternative cures to prostate cancer. It’s not like you have a whole lot to lose anyway, so go for it; even if you must still succumb to the surgeon’s knife, just double your chances, will you? Also, it pays to spend some time in an alternative prostate cancer treatments forum, perhaps online, where you can learn about various other ways by which you can manage your prostate cancer.

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