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Nobody wants to die; and nobody definitely wants to die the premature, slow, and painful death that prostate cancer can deal to a patient suffering from the disease. It may be a slow growing carcinoma, but everyone knows that it is not a disease without substantial venom. But people die nonetheless, all the time because that’s the way life is; and it is so much worse with prostate cancer, which claims close to twenty six to twenty seven thousand American lives every year.

It is not for want of treatments to intervene with the condition, and it is not for want of capable physicians and oncologists offering the best of prostate cancer therapies; it’s just that the available therapies for prostate cancer are so limited in their capacity to manage the disease. Sure, up to ninety percent of those who are diagnosed with prostate cancer get to live up to ten years cancer-free after the treatment has been concluded, but really, this is only possible when the diagnosis is done for the early stages of the disease. Also, although the risk factors of prostate cancer are known, one might often wonder if there actually are ways to guarantee that one never gets prostate cancer.

And that brings us to the subject of alternative or alternate prostate cancer treatments and medicines. Not that alternative remedies for prostate cancer would guarantee that you never catch prostate cancer, or that you will be perfectly cured by them, or that once the cancerous tissues are removed you’d never have to worry again about the disease; merely what they offer is a different way by which you can handle the malignancy. The known conventional therapies for prostate cancer are surgery (prostatectomy, cryosugery, transurethral resection of the prostate), radiotheraopy (brachytherapy, external beam radiation treatment, intensity-modulated radiation therapy), hormonal therapy (pills or surgery), immunotherapy, and chemotherapy, and they all work with their own respective side effects.

One of the biggest and the best promises that you at least get with alternative treatments is the absence of side effects. They are quite different from conventional treatments and perhaps more beneficial for some patients. All prostate cancer patients really should use alternative cancer therapies before they begin conventional treatment, if they will; and even while they are undergoing conservative therapies, they ought to include the unconventional therapies to reduce side effects and improve the results. But of course, seek your doctor’s advice before doing this, as every person’s circumstances and body is different from another. What works well for someone else might not work best for you and vice versa.

Whatever other treatment you are into, for starters you must ensure that you get the best of dietary interventions. Even the specialists say it these days that dietary manipulations can either help or worsen your spate with prostate cancer. You also will have to work on exercising because exercise improves your body’s capacity to fight disease. And then, you have to start some serious stress management for the sole reason that stress causes imbalances in your body, which could make you more susceptible to disease. What else can I include? How about some yoga? It’s said to help too as an alternative postrate cancer treatment.

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