Dietary Advice for Prostate Cancer Patients

Undergoing prostate cancer treatment often drains or saps energy in the person. If you know someone who has undergone treatment like chemotherapy you will understand what I am talking about.

Eating right and staying healthy is important in helping your body get restored.  Hence, you need the right source of food to give you the right amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

The following is a dietary advice that can help you maintain balance diet so you can help your body heal faster after prostate cancer treatment.

  • Take varieties of foods – You can make your body stay healthy after taking varieties of foods. Diversity of foods that contain different nutritional provisions like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats, and minerals should be taken.
  • Take enough supplements – Most of the foods we eat lose their natural deposit to supplements through radiations, burning, boiling, or cooking, etc. However, by taking supplement, these lost nutrients can be replaced. You can take vitamins and mineral supplements so as to replace those lost in natural diet. However, supplements should not replace natural foods, and must be recommended by a dietician or nutritionist.
  • Take only the right amount of calories – Too much calories in the body can influence cancer growth. Therefore, you need to limit the amount of calorie you take. Only take what it enough for the moment. You can request your doctor to guide your on what is right during and after prostate cancer treatment.
  • Do regular exercise – This is important for easy digestion of food. You need not do strenuous exercise after the painful treatment for prostate cancer. Regular walking and light jogging daily can help your body.
  • Get those rays of sunshine – With sunshine you can get some amount Vitamin D in your skin. This vitamin is known to naturally help fight prostate cancer. Moreover, studies have shown that African American men are more prone to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other race. Therefore, dark skinned people need more sunlight.
  • Follow the doctor’s dietary recommendations – Irrespective of the type of prostate cancer treatment you go for, the doctor can give you a good advice on what best to eat and to avoid. You should follow the doctor’s recommendation on diet. If you are not clear on any food source or how to take it, ask questions. It is important to be proactive when it comes to your health.

These are simple dietary advice you can apply when or after you undergo prostate cancer treatment of any kind. The key to staying healthy after any of the procedure is to eat what you are supposed to and avoid what you don’t need. Regular exercises and asking the doctor for guidance are invaluable steps you can still apply.

The Effect Of Saw Palmetto In Natural Prostate Cancer Treatment

There must be few Americans that have not even heard of the saw palmetto and how it is full of health benefits for those who use it in various forms. The botanical name of the species is serenoa repens, known well for its application in alternative medicine. The herb is basically just a small palm with a sprawling trunk that grows in clumps or dense thickets in sandy coastal lands.

Studies have found that the fruits of the saw palmetto are highly enriched with fatty acids and phytosterols, leading to these extracts being the subjects of intensive research for the treatment of various urinary tract infections and other medical conditions.

Early studies found that the saw palmetto in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) yielded encouraging results, suggesting that there was good tolerability and “mild to moderate improvement in urinary symptoms and flow measures“.

Today it has been determined by further research that this extract from the berry of the parsley may also have anti-cancer properties. This latest was announced by researchers at a meeting of The American Society (ACS) for Cell Biology.

Another group of researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts stated that they “wanted to know if the saw palmetto had any effect on prostate cancer cells”  because already it was that the berry extract had some effect on the prostate. To that end they analyzed the effects of saw palmetto berry extract on cancer cells and found encouraging results.

The saw palmetto berry extract decreases cell growth of the prostate cancer tumors in a good number of the test subjects, and in other instances slowed the growth of generic cancer cells. Understandably researchers have seen this kind of thing before, so that they are a lot more careful about getting excited. Instead they choose to look closer at what they are dealing with so that more definitive results can be derived.

According to findings, the primary therapeutic action of the herb is to interfere with the forming of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by compromising 5-alpha and 3-alpha reductase actions in the body, and also to block the action of DHT to receptors on prostate cells using 3-ketosteroid reductase. Based on the same research, it has now been determined that there are anti-inflammatory and antiestrogenic effects that can be gotten from the use of saw palmetto in therapy.

The purified extract of saw palmetto contains about 95% fatty acids and sterols, but what is available in the market may be different than that. However, since the saw palmetto is now known to have these beneficial effects on prostate cancer, it might help if one could maintain only small bits of it all through life as a preventive measure.

Alternative Treatment of Prostate Cancer- Oregano Spice Can Help

A recent submission to six scientific societies in the United States reveals that a herb that is commonly used as spice for Italian cuisines can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This revelation followed the research conducted on the numbers of Italian men and American men that have developed the disease.

It was discovered that Italian men have lower rate of cancer of the prostate than men in the United States. One major factor responsible for this difference is that Italian men do consume Oregano, which is usually used as spices in Pizzas. The following are more details on this presentation:

Italian men have a lower incidence of prostate cancer when compared to men in the United States. And a recent study by Long Island University researchers may have discovered part of their secret in a common spice they frequently consume—oregano.

The results of the study were presented at the Experimental Biology 2012 poster session on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Experimental Biology is an annual gathering of six scientific societies—American Association of Anatomists (AAA), American Physiological Society (APS), American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP), American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men and the second leading cause of cancer death. According to the latest statistics available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control more than 29,000 men died of prostate cancer in 2007. The current treatment options for patients—surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and vaccine therapy—all involve significant risks and side effects.

Oregano is typically associated with Italian cuisine and a common spice added to pizza seasoning. For thousands of years oregano has been prized as a medicinal herb by holistic healers. Hippocrates, a Greek physician and the father of Western medicine, used it for stomach and respiratory ailments. Benedictine healer and herbalist Hildegard of Bingen purportedly used oregano for female and respiratory problems. The Greeks and Romans used oregano medicinally for aching muscles and spider bites.

Modern science has discovered that oregano possesses an abundance of therapeutic qualities, including antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Oregano essential oil is used for wart removal, arthritis, respiratory infections and as a digestive aid. The primary active compound of oregano is carvacrol. Click here to read the full extract.

The link of Oregano with prostate cancer is nothing short of a breakthrough. This is an alternative medication and it can work well to prevent cancer of the prostate. It is my opinion that this herb, when included among other forms of prostate cancer treatments, could be more effective with fewer side effects. For now, as more research is being carried out on this herb, there is hope that the medicinal properties of this herb would be extracted to treat cancer in the prostate cells.

Finally, the Oregano – prostate cancer theory provides support for other theories like those linking the eating of Pizza with the prevention of cancer of the prostate.


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